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Our Lesson Program


At Spring Creek Stables we provide lessons on our lesson horses or on your own horse. Our knowledgable lesson instructors make sure that each student builds a solid, knowledgeable foundation from the ground up. It is important that our students learn the proper and safe way to lead, tie, groom and know the all around ground work that is required when handling horses. We incorporate the ground work and grooming in each of our riding lessons. It is important to us that we go at the pace of the student and meet each of their needs while learning to ride. Confidence is the key to success while on the ground and while riding.  Lesson types include beginners to advanced, western, english, barrel racing, and therapy. 




Private lesson rate: $70.00 for 45 minutes ($55 for 30 minutes for the young rider who is just beginning - ages 4 and up) 

Group lesson rate: $60.00 for 60 minutes (Group lessons are only offered to riders who have taken private lessons with us and we feel are ready for group lessons.)

Therapy Lessons: $60 for 45 minute (Private Lesson) Therapeutic riding lessons are taught by a certified instructor.




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