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Greetings from Spring Creek Stables!  We value each of you as customers and friends, and we greatly appreciate your dedication to riding and your patronage of SCS.  In the uncertainty of current events concerning COVID-19, many of us find solace and peace at the barn with the horses.  We WILL be accepting new students and continuing to offer lessons at this time; however, in an effort to be proactive and responsible, we ask that you observe a few guidelines in consideration to keeping all of our SCS family safe and healthy.  


First and foremost, if you feel ill or unwell in any way, it is advisable that you stay home at this time.  We know that many are experiencing changes to work and school schedules, and we will do our best to accommodate whenever we can.  We may also ask you to adjust your lesson schedule if necessary, to minimize the number of students in the barn at one time.  Please wash your hands thoroughly before and after your lesson, cover your cough, and minimize hand to hand contact and touching your face.  


Finally we ask that you keep in mind that the care of the horses by our dedicated staff must continue through the duration of this time, and the health of the staff has to be of utmost importance so that they may keep giving our horses the best care and attention possible.  We understand that everyone is tired of being cooped up at home, but please refrain from bringing extra guests, children, or family members with you to the barn whenever possible.  If you must, please enjoy petting and visiting the horses kept outside, and observing lessons from outside the barn without entering.  Please be aware of signage around the barn for additional directions.  Careful compliance of regulations and a healthy dose of common sense will help us to protect everyone that enjoys Spring Creek, and particularly our staff.  Use your best judgement and exercise caution, but continue to get outside and live life in the Texas sunshine that we are all so blessed to enjoy.

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